Cosmetic surgery abroad by Surgical Bliss offers you quality procedures by the best cosmetic surgeons in South Africa.
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Cosmetic Surgery

Excellent cosmetic surgery abroad can now be experienced, thanks to Surgical Bliss. We have a wide range of surgical procedures, and have provided a short explanation of each one below:

Cosmetic Treatments

For a quick fix that shows positive results, invest in a Botox or Restylane treatment. Botox is best used for the treatment of factional wrinkles and it will smooth out most of the troublesome areas on the face, this includes the brows, beneath your eyes and other problem areas. Restylane works on the top layer of the skin (while Botox targets the muscles) and this treatment will plump up the wrinkles on your face.

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This will fall into one of three groups: cataract surgery, Lasik treatments or corneal grafts. With cataract surgery, cloudy vision is once more made clear by use of an advanced ultrasound technique. Lasik treatment corrects the corneal tissue by eliminating specific areas with a high-precision laser. Procedures such as corneal grafts or DSAEK swop out unhealthy cornea for fresh ones that are donated from a cornea bank.

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Correct those nagging pains in your body with orthopaedic surgery. Select hip surgery if you require a new, artificial joint that will remove the excruciating pain of bone against bone tenderness. Knee surgery is useful for athletes, or anyone at all who requires a new knee bone – the new knee can last for up to 20 years. Finally, shoulder surgery can correct any rotator cuff tear that may have occurred.

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Fertility Treatments

From In Vitro to ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection), Surgical Bliss has an option for your family planning solution. We are proficient with each and every fertility treatment that is known in the medical communities.

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Stress Management

We have busy lives and for many of us it is hard to even catch a breath. Our clinical psychologists will support you as we find solutions to your stress-related issues, and help you to lead a better life.

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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Select a new face, a new body and a new you with cosmetic surgery options in Cape Town. Our surgeons are simply the best, with years of dedicated service applied to each one of their chosen professions. There are many options to select, from facelifts, rhinoplasty, breast surgery, liposuction, tummy tucks and many more. If you are unhappy with the prices in your country, then choose cosmetic surgery abroad in Cape Town with Surgical Bliss.

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