Medical Ophthalmology is offered to you by Surgical Bliss in collaboration with the best ophthalmolgists in Cape Town.
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Medical Ophthalmology


Medical ophthalmology surgery is a highly specialised branch of vision correction. Any diseases of the eye should be inspected by a trained ophthalmologist. Surgical Bliss can help you in any one of these specialities listed below – if you cannot find the correct surgery for you, then contact us today and we will inquire with the ophthalmology clinic for further information on your behalf.

Cataract Surgery

Any adult who is approaching the age of 60 and above (even those in their late fifties), who is suffering from impaired cloudy vision, may be suffering from cataracts. This is a very common eye disease and one that can be corrected thanks to advanced surgical techniques. The cataracts are not a film that lies over the eye but a thickening of the lens that impairs light from travelling to your retina. This procedure is invasive and you will be able to travel home three days after your surgery.

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Lasik Treatment

Lasik has become one of the most popular treatments in ophthalmology clinics the world over. The procedure is quick, painless and produces stunning results, giving patients crystal-clear vision without having to rely on a pair of thick glasses. Tiny instruments are used to fold back a flap on the eye and a laser is then used to disintegrate exacting amounts of corneal tissue. This is a ten minute surgery, with results that will be enjoyed for many decades to come. With your new eyesight, you can then enjoy the many gorgeous and scenic settings in Cape Town.

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Corneal Grafts

A corneal graft or DSAEK surgery involves the replacement of a diseased cornea with healthy donor tissue. The surgeon will use precise techniques to prepare the donor tissue for the patient, and then neatly place it where the diseased posterior portion of the cornea used to be. This is a complicated surgery, yet it is accomplished in a time of two to three hours, with vision showing a remarkably improvement in less than two months. Surgery options for ophthalmology in South Africa are now made easy thanks to Surgical Bliss.

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