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Orthopaedics in South Africa is highly advanced, as doctors around the world continue to flock to Cape Town in order to benefit from our excellent training that is provided by highly qualified physicians who are contracted by Surgical Bliss. We offer procedures such as hip, knee and shoulder surgeries. More information follows below:

Hip Surgery

For those who require hip surgery can be assured that they will be in safe hands with practitioners that are recommended by surgical bliss. The hip joint is often replaced when a degeneration of the joint occurs. This may happen because of insufficient blood supply that is directed to the ball section of the hip. Your age and physical wellbeing all plays a part in deciding whether or not you are a candidate for hip surgery. Your surgeon then decides on the best prosthetic implant for you and the surgical procedure that will deliver effective results. The recovery period is a bit longer for hip surgery, and once you are discharged from your orthopaedic hospital, we highly recommend a relaxing spa vacation at one of Cape Town’s many fantastic resorts or hotels.

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Knee Surgery

For anyone who suffers from a stiff or aching knee, they will be pleased to know that this particular surgery is one of the most commonly performed orthopaedic procedures. One of the primary reasons for having knee surgery is to combat osteoarthritis of the knee. The surgery usually involves a resurfacing of the knee and it is literally restructured into a new piece of bone structure that will erase all memories of pain. Recovery time is in the three weeks to a month and a half stage – so spend your time recuperating in your hotel post-surgery.

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Shoulder Surgery

The muscles and tendons in your shoulder can tear, wear down and cause great discomfort. The surgery to repair this is known as rotator cuff repair. Your physician will examine your shoulder and evaluate the situation from there. This is done through clinical and radiological tests. Two options are then possible: either physiotherapy and cortisone injections (conservative treatments) or the surgical option. Whatever the treatment option is, the orthopaedic centre that you use will give you the best possible medical solution in South Africa.

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