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Practitioners & Surgeons South Africa

For cosmetic surgeons in South Africa, choose Surgical Bliss. Much like you have chosen us, we have chosen to work with specific medical specialists, who along with our surgical facilitators will ensure that you receive the very best care available from any surgeon in South Africa, allowing you to recover in peace at our particularly advanced private hospitals. These hospitals all offer excellent pre and post-operative care; with exclusive services tied into an amazing outpatient service and excellent operating theatre facilities. All of our surgeons are registered specialists with the Medical and Dental Council of South Africa, are well travelled, have worked abroad and are of the highest standard. We have chosen them to ensure that your surgery in Cape Town will be both safe and successful. The plastic surgery surgeons that we employ are all skilled in the following areas:

Medical Ophthalmology

If you have an inherent disease of the eye, then this should be examined by a trained medical professional, namely an ophthalmologist. One of the more common conditions that are readily treated by our doctors is known as cataracts. For patients that are 60 years and over, an eye disease such as cataracts can become a true threat to your way of life. Luckily, medical science has advanced to a point that diseases such as these can be cured in a number of ways.


The study and correction of bone-related issues is at the very heart of an orthopaedic surgeon’s life. Hips, shoulders, knees, elbows and many other joints can suffer from painful afflictions due to age or an inherent disease. For a sportsman who has suffered loss of movement thanks to a game-related injury, our surgeons can assist them in a healthy recovery.

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

Your body can be improved, shaped and sculpted into the form you have always dreamed it to be, thanks to the skilled hands of our cosmetic surgeons. There are many revolutionary procedures that our plastic surgery surgeons have perfected. A new life is waiting for you, so contact Surgical Bliss today and discover the range of services we offer.

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